Your First Interview

What I’ve learned from years in this business: the majority of real estate professionals are in an “online marketing crisis.” They are missing out on business at a GROWING rate!

YES, they know social media, email and web marketing matters, but they don’t know the what or how to do it effectively. Trends, platforms and potential clients’ digital behaviors change. The misconception that marketing is only effective when it directly brings you business (when it’s also a tool to identify and pursue leads and lead generators)!

Most real estate pros “dip their toe”: they set up a Facebook page, purchase a template website and etc. But since they don’t invest enough time and money into understanding online marketing, their efforts don’t bring much results. And their conclusion: “this stuff doesn’t work well.”

So some seek out an inexpensive service just to do something, or ask their young assistant to “wing it” or worse they just give up. What they don’t realize is the amount of business they’re missing is GROWING! Because your first interview with potential clients IS what you show online. The phone call/email you receive is the second interview.

Isn’t that worth investing in a online marketing service or hiring a marketing coach??

Bottom line: your amazing talent, care, expertise and success needs to be clearly shared online through web, social media and email. If you have questions, want an expert eye to look over the work and etc, I’m here to help!

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