Brokers with a WordPress blog, your minds are about to be blown!

First of all, selecting WordPress was a smart choice. The myriad of applications and integrations this darling website provides is incredible. Not to mention how user-friendly it becomes each year.  Gone are the days where you had to learn coding as a hobby!

And as the online-savvy marketer, you know LinkedIn is the place to be. I find about a third of brokers’ contacts are on this business-driven social media. Your prime buyers and sellers are professionals who spend a little time here networking, checking out who is moving up the corporate ladder, and reading business tips. So of course you want an easy way to get your WordPress blogs out to these connections.

Consider this auto-action application courtesy of WP. It allows you to cut out the manual posting (even scheduling your blogs on a program like HootSuite). WordPress’ LinkedIn application automatically pushes your blogs to your LinkedIn profile page. Thus posting them on the newsfeeds of your connections.

I found this great review by another online marketing specialist. Check it out to learn more. 

A tip about using this application: Since you don’t get to add a social media message to the blog, be sure it has a catchy heading. LinkedIn will also display the first few lines of your blog, so make sure that intro paragraph grabs people’s attention. Enjoy!

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