Brokers need R.E.A.L. online marketing.

You and I both know the secret to successful real estate: relationships. Cultivating your connections. Those who willingly place their home in your hands and provide you 80-90% of your business.

But what about those 10-20%? The leads from Zillow, floor calls and people who find your website. They want to like you before they hire you too!

Your online marketing can help you keep and deepening those connections. We want to be your sidekick as you are busy being the hero to your buyers and sellers.



Staying in front of your contacts matters to us. Clients actively send us their contacts’ names and email addresses so they can become email subscribers, social media followers and website visitors.


When it comes to marketing, it’s all about “content, content, content.” By analyzing viewers’ behavior (what they click, like, share, comment on) we have a clear idea what catches people’s interest….


…and it is you! People follow their brokers online because they like them. Brokers need to share their stories in real estate: their homes, client testimonies, expert opinion on the market and neighborhoods.


Our services help brokers identify potential leads among their contacts. They receive a monthly list of who engaged with their online content (clicked on a listing in their email newsletter, liked a client testimony on Facebook, etc.).


Check out our services to learn more. Or contact April Vermillion to schedule a free phone consultation.

April Vermillion

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April Vermillion

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