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Alright, confession time…when was the last time you looked at your website?

It’s easy for brokers to let months slip by without a visit. Sometimes it takes a potential client emailing them something is wrong with their website. Yikes! Yet normal. Websites don’t  just run on their own after you’ve made the final payment to the web builder.

Websites’ Silent Killers

  • Website updates: WordPress sites require periodic updates (or some of its features may break).
  • Broken links: You changed your Twitter account’s name. Now the link on your website doesn’t work.
  • Program changes: The MLS search program added to your website changed its look and now funky on your website.
  • Hosting /server issues: The company that handles your domain had an unnoticed hiccup. Now your website can’t be found.

These are common problems which can go unnoticed…causing your viewers to be less than impressed with your business! Perhaps giving a competitor an edge over you.

The Tip: Visit your website every week. Click through it every month.

Every week make a point to take a peek at your website to make sure it’s running and looking good. Viewing sites on iphones and ipads is starting to beat out computers (according to my monthly review of clients’ stats), so pull out your phone and notepad. These devices different screen sizes and internet capabilities can slightly alter your site’s look and function.

At least once a month take 5-15 minutes to click through your website’s menu and special features. Are all the pages still looking good? When did you last test your contact form? Whatever the most critical pieces are on your website, be sure they’re working.

However if you do actively blog (like our clients), you should have your marketing assistant review it every week.

Considering very few potential clients will scour your housing market reviews from last year, I wouldn’t worry about making sure links in outdated blogs are working. If you do have timeless topics or a list of sold homes in hot neighborhoods on your website, it’s smart to have your online marketing assistant check through them every few months to a year.

But ultimately most viewers of websites will look at your key pages, features, and latest blogs. With a little pro-action, you’re website will continue encouraging buyers and sellers to hire you!

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