Bottomline: You know Facebook helps you nurture potential client relationships. So be sure to tag people, do shout-outs and etc. This article has some great tips. Be a little assertive folks! We tag our pros clients’ on their reviews, homes and etc. ‪#‎igetrealco‬ ‪#‎denver‬‪#‎colorado‬ ‪#‎realestate‬












The New Rules of Social-Media Etiquette (and How to Passive-Aggressively Break Them)

Social media as it’s now understood has existed for less than a decade. (Facebook only opened itself to the general public in 2006.) In that time, the rules governing appropriate and inappropriate behavior — and creepiness and kindness — and generosity and cruelty — have changed radically. Now that the world has, more or less, accepted that terms like “social-media professional” are here to stay, the etiquette has changed, too. Like women wearing pantaloons and children named after the mermaid in Splash, many things that once seemed gauche seem, now, perfectly reasonable — even necessary…. Read more.