Google’s ranking rules are always shifting. SEO is more and more about AUTHENTIC content: custom written text and videos. That’s a big reason why you can’t just rely on a website that’s several years old to stay at the top of search results. You need to reach out to your web developer to update your site’s SEO or hire a company like us who is continually adjusting your website content strategy!



Google Turns on RankBrain AI to Improve Search Results ….

Beginning in 2015, Google added a new artificial intelligence (AI) program called RankBrain to its Hummingbird algorithm for delivering google search results. This addition is just one of many components that comprise the Hummingbird algorithm. However, in less than a year, RankBrain has been elevated to the third most important ranking factor in determining displayed search results. So what is RankBrain, how is it being used, and how will it affect your SEO strategy… Read more.