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April Vermillion, Get Real Marketing

get real marketing, april vermillionWhen it comes to branding, I’m sure your brokerage has invested: website, print, social media, etc. Hopefully you’re taking advantage of their online marketing services! They want your buyers and sellers to know the story of the company who supports you.

And what about your story? To stay in front of your connections online, people want to know who you are. That story needs to be consistently shared across all your online platforms. That’s what branding is — projecting a stable image people can connect and identify with. In a larger brokerage firm, it’s important you cultivate your personal brand.

Your Headshot

In real estate, your photo is your brand, plain and simple. It’s the image that the client uses to make that initial connection. Work to make your headshot convey trust, approachability, and professionalism, and those will be the qualities your prospective clients associate with your business.

Your Delivery

Tone and style matter. Your online presence needs to be coherent, and how you present content should be in line with your headshot, the layout of your website and social media platforms, and the type of clientele you wish to cater to. Use tone and style to back up your story — because consistency is what builds brand loyalty.

Your Online Content

Are you a local expert who really know Denver neighborhoods? Are you the go-to broker for tips about how to find a good contractor or where the best farmer’s market is located? Your website and social media messages need to reflect your brand by engaging in relevant and useful content that gives your connections a reason to follow you and check back frequently.

Never forget that the best story is the one you can’t put down. Your brand should have a similar appeal.

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