Web Search - Get Real MarketingWhen the market gets crazy, it’s difficult to stay on top of your online marketing. So consider these tips your survival guide! Simple ways to assure you are staying in front of potential clients and growing your presence online.

Googling is a way of life. Some nerdy stats:

  • Google is used by 70% of Americans searching online (roughly 175 million people).
  • Users spend an average of 6 minutes, 47 seconds on Google.
  • “Denver real estate agents” gets searched over 14,500 times per month.

I watch website statistics every month for my individual clients. Google searches is nearly always the first or second most popular way people get to their website. It’s extremely likely potential clients are looking for you on Google as well. So make sure you are showing up!

The Tip: Google yourself once a month!

Don’t be bashful…you must know what people see when they look you up on Google. Why check every month? Because Google changes its ranking rules periodically, which can cause your website to suddenly disappear. Most clients look up brokers by their name (not their team name). If you have a somewhat common name, people will add keywords like “real estate,” “Denver,” or your franchise.

Examples of keywords:

  • Sara Kudzowski Remax (Google doesn’t search symbols like “/”)
  • Charles Baker Denver real estate
  • Clyde Hemmings Denver

Your search results are in good shape when:

  • Your website shows up in at the top of the list.
  • Your social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc…) is in the top 10 results.

People are going to look at your website, because it’s normally considered the best showcase of a business. Potential clients who spend time on Facebook want to check out your fan page. After all it’s easier for them to stay updated on your business if they follow you on social media. You may also notice other websites which have your name and business. It’s smart to check them out, in case they include reviews about your services and etc.

What if your website or social media is missing from the first page of Google? Then it’s time to contact your web developer or social media assistant. They need to do a little SEO work (search engine optimization). This usually means adding those keywords people will search for to important places on your online marketing. Rarely do brokers need to spend hundreds of dollars for SEO work. Just some simple techniques is enough to make you easily find-able on Google.

After all people are going to be looking specifically for you. Your name combined with one to three other keywords is enough to reach your potential clients.

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